Allround marketing for LCDP Girls

In the beginning op 2023 it was time for a new step in my career. I started as an allround marketeer for the girls collection of Les Coyotes de Paris, known as LCDP Girls. This role gave me the opportunity to level op my skills in creative marketing.

My responsibilities included overseeing a wide range of tasks, from content management and social media operations to influencer collaborations and campaign concepts. My ability to develop and maintain our seasonal content calendar ensured team alignment on upcoming projects, while the management of daily operations on platforms like Instagram and TikTok drove more engagement.

Also organizing campaign shoots was one of my seasonal tasks. From concept to final image, I managed the entire process, showcasing my creativity, eye for detail, and project management skills. Coming up with a marketing plan that matched with the target audience translated seamlessly into a social media plan that resonated with the LCDP followers.

Because I’ve worked on the marketing side of LCDP on my own, it made me familiar with all the different tasks, related to strategy goals, campaigns and advertisement.

Ecom & campaign shoots


For every new season there’s a ecom shoot to use online on the shopping page.
The concept around the FW23 collection is called ‘A swirl down memory lane’:


Chapter 1: Porto City

Yes girls, we’re taking you with us to sunny Porto! Our gorgeous LCDP Girls, Mayu & Eira show you all the cool spots and a sunny beach.
But first things first, getting some fresh fruits! As the days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and dresses, skirts and tops are finding
its way outside the closets- we’ll provide you with summer vibes and styling inspiration. We’ve spent our time in the city and at the seaside
and we’re more than ready to take you along the ride!

Chapter 2: Porto Beach

We’ve left Porto city behind and found our way to the beach. The perfect place to stay during the hot days of summer.
Cooling down in the sea, enjoying the fresh breeze and just chilling to the max.  Come with us to the seaside of Porto & enjoy summer to the fullest! 


Chapter 1 – Autumn in Antwerp
Are you ready for a Belgium take-over? We’ve spend some time in the most romantic & stunning city,
so it’s time to take you with us. Say hi to Antwerp!

Chapter 2 – The Cozy Season
Girls, welcome to the cozy season! As the days are getting darker, we are staying in, soaking up some winter vibes.
So get ready for soft knits, fluffy fabrics and cozy vibes. Because that’s what we will bring you in the upcoming weeks’

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