Future scenario report

Especially for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton.


The only certainty about the future is that it will never turn out as we expect. We cannot predict it but we can speculate future possibilities. Because if we understand what the future may hold we can prepare for it, foresee promising new ventures and help shape the direction it takes. And that is what a good future scenario does: it is an imaginary situation, set in the tomorrow, based on trends and developments from now.

What you are about to read is an on two perspective focused future scenario report regarding the year 2030, which is written for the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. I tried to cover all the DESTEP factors (demographic, environmental, social-cultural, technological, economic and political factors) as broad as possible in order to distill inspiring insights.

By starting the research and brainstorming several different possible outcomes of these main drivers, I was able to come up with conclusions in order to see how the world of 2030 would look like if they would become reality.

To give the scenario direction and individuality, I chose two different very uncertain predictions what will have a high impact on our future. ‘What if in 2030 the rapidly onrushing technology revolution has taken over our brain?’ And the second question: ‘What if in 2030 people no longer trust the rapidly onrushing technology revolution?’

These scenario drivers are questions that can be answered with two extremes that will make up the four directions of our graph. From there on four different situations for the year 2030 can be developed.

Both of the two vivid scenarios are focused on two drivers that cause uncertainties for the future. Starting with the first scenario ‘The Hijacked Brain’. This scenario is based on the driving factors: ‘Rise of Technology’ and ‘No Privacy’. Following up with the second scenario ‘Off Grid’ which is the result of the two driving factors that have oppositional directions resulting in fundamentally different outcomes.

In this case, the future scenario report based on expert analysis of current and emerging trends is helping to predict the position of Louis Vuitton. This is highly relevant as the luxury market is currently undergoing a revolution of sorts. And as we all know; change will happen, and they will happen fast. Therefore these scenarios are very important to see what is needed for Louis Vuitton to adapt to this revolution, in order to stay viable for the fashion market and its target group.

The scenario report does not only gives us accurate insights of what’s to come but it also serves as a catalyst for discussion, helping Louis Vuitton to form successful and inspiring strategic concept strategies for the upcoming decades.