My name is Sophía Louísa van Kuijck. I’m a 26 years old creative spider who loves to bring different disciplines together such as fashion, art and innovation. I believe in an authentic way of creation, with sustainability at the core of every job or project I take on.

While studying at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) into the direction of branding, it all fell into places along the way. There was a commercial interest coming from my side that I developed with a minor in Online Marketing. Besides that, my focus has always been on a sustainable future. By following a specialization into Brands & Innovation, I learned to use technology to take it a step further. I graduated with honors back in December 2020, with a re-branding project for Stella McCartney Kids.

After finishing my studies I started my career as a creative at the baby -and kids clothing brand Gray Label. This role made me dive into the world of marketing. A bubbly, vibrant discipline that has my heart. Creating awareness and telling stories through the way of creativity on daily base is like living my dream. Bringing customers to the company’s products and keeping their attention on the long run is my daily challenge. Building up a world by using tools such as music, imagery, video and text. It’s all about changing perceptions and connecting with customers on a new level.

In the beginning of 2023 I switched jobs and started as an allround marketeer at the Dutch brand called Les Coyotes de Paris. A role that gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills and to level up in my marketing & branding career.

I’m bringing a strong work ethic and I love to take it a step further. I never say no to a good challenge and I’m looking forward to all the future adventures that are waiting for me.


The end.

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